Environmental Services

Environmental Care: YDS has planted thousands of trees throughout the state of Gujarat to help preserve the natural beauty of the environment as well help provide a cleaner standard of living. Organic farmers from various rural communities attend a special 2 -day workshop held at ‘Haridham’ to propagate the fundamentals of bio-dynamics, Thus improving their business, family life, and overall outlook of life.

Water Conservation Campaign: A environmental awareness campaign is launched during the summer months, to help make the public aware of the scarcity of water and its importance for rural farming communities.

Drip Irrigation: In many villages of Gujarat drip irrigation has been successfully adopted in farming methods due to the efforts of the YDS

Energy Conservation: Hundreds of farmers have adopted solar energy and bio-gas for heating and domestic purpose due to energy conservation drives organized by YDS.

Best Gaushala Award: “Gaushala” is the native word for the barn area where the cows are sheltered. The cow represents an important religious entity in Hinduism. Our central headquarters, ‘Haridham’ campus houses around 150 cows and they are cared for as family members. Due to the graceful nurture of these cows, YDS was awarded the ‘BEST GAUSHALA AWARD’ for the year 2001 at state level.